Center for Latter-day Saint Arts

Art Exhibition

Immediate Present, a group art exhibition curated by Laura Allred Hurtado, featured twenty-three contemporary LDS artists represented in the permanent collection of the Church History Museum, Salt Lake City, Utah.


Artists: Walter Rane (Tell Me Thy Name/Breath of Life), Ron Richmond (water with descent), Caitlin Connolly (Creation of Woman), J. Kirk Richards (Cristo), Jeff Hein (Triumphal Entry), Brian Kershisnik (Death), Jorge Cocco Santangelo (The Tempest—Peace Be Still), Mary Sauer (Andrea with Hoops), Rachel Farmer (Ancestors Under Wyoming Skies/Ancestors Crossing Church Parking Lot/Ancestor Peering Over the Edge), David Chapman Lindsay (Temple, in the Mountains), Jean Richardson (Fault Lines Amended), Annie Poon (The Split House), Pam Bowman (Many Small Things (through) I/Many Small Things (through) II/Exergy), Whitney Bushman (Untitled, September 1, 2012), Chase Westfall (Untitled, Veil), Daniel Everett (Untitled), Stephanie Kelly Clark (Parallel), Levi Jackson (Esterbend), Jason Metcalf (30 49 09.7, +24 03 12, Hie to Kolob series), Ben Howell (Transcription II), Casey Jex Smith (Seer Stone), Page Turner (Headmistress Harpie, A Stitch in Time Saves Nine series), Jeff Decker (Low and B. Hold Mammon: Habes pecuniam (her/ostrich)/Et in Arcadia Ego (him/rhino)).


A fully illustrated exhibition catalog (122 pages) includes an extensive essay by Laura Allred Hurtado, “The Immediate Present” and pairs commissioned texts with the visual artworks. Like the artists themselves, the individuals whose words are featured in this book have distinct backgrounds—a lawyer, a doctor, a game warden, a poet, a children's book author, a composer, a musician, and a women's rights advocate—just to name a few. The twenty-three writers are: Claire Åkebrand, English Brooks, Joanna Brooks, Sam Brown, Claudia Bushman, Alex Caldiero, Tyler Chadwick, Steve Evans, Fiona Givens, James Goldberg, Ryan Habermeyer, Julie de Azevedo Hanks, Ashley Mae Hoiland, Garrick Infanger, McArthur Krishna, Igor Coelho Arantes Santana Marques, Neylan McBaine, Carol Lynn Pearson, Jennifer Reeder, Analisa Coats Sato, Rachel Hunt Steenblik, Paul Washburn, and Chrysula Winegar. The book is available on $24.95.