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Come, Follow Me (Art Companion)

To assist people of all ages in their study of the scriptures, the Center for Latter-day Saint Arts has prepared a weekly tool to go with each lesson from the Come, Follow Me manual using fine art and objects created by members of the Church, commentary, and questions to spark discussion.

August 12-18 - "Overcome Evil with Good"


Matt Clark (American, born 1961)

from left to right, Grazing Mare (2013) and Old Red (2013)

Welding of discarded metal objects and steel, 108 x 60 x 24 inches; 108 x 64 x 26 inches

Public and private collections

Used with permission of the artist

Artist’s website

In Paul’s epistle to the Romans, he writes of the struggle of the body and spirit, that our natural desires are sometimes in conflict with a yearning for righteousness, “…we ourselves groan within ourselves, waiting for the adoption, to wit, the redemption of our body. For we are saved by hope: but hope that is seen is not hope…” (Romans 8:23-24).

Matt Clark was a high school senior when an accident damaged his spine and altered the course of his life. At the time, his doctor recommended that his family place Matt in a rest home and predicted he might live three to five years. Now, forty years later, Matt is a self-taught sculptor who has developed a method of working with limited mobility. His medium is welding, and he takes discarded metal objects that have been cast off, reclaims them, and makes beauty from them. This act of creation and redemption echoes the path of his own recovery. Matt says, “I work from a wheelchair. My physical limitations have required me to create my own tools and processes for doing things, but my accident has also given me the opportunity to re-create myself and my world. My body has been broken and may not heal, but my spirit can and will transcend my limitations.”

  1. Paul explains that no earthly trial can separate us from the love of our Heavenly Father and Jesus (Romans 8:38-39). In fact, he explains, it is through this love that we are able to conquer our challenges (Romans 8:37). Matt Clark's art work is an example of such a conquering. How is the love of God evidenced in our ability to overcome trials?

  2. How does our judging of others impact their ability to overcome their challenges? How can judgment become a stumbling block causing us to fall in another's way? (See Romans 14:13.)

  3. How have you felt yourself "saved by hope"? How can you share that hope to help others?

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Glen Nelson