Center for Latter-day Saint Arts



Center Donors (donations received as of 6/1/2019

We gratefully acknowledge donors who have contributed to the Center.


$25,000 +

William P. and Barbara L. Benac

Samuel S. and Diane P. Stewart

Shauna and Eric Varvel





Beesley Family Foundation

Beverley Taylor Sorenson Foundation

Dan and Allyson Chard

David W. and Deborah Checketts

Chad and Kristin Christensen

Kathleen and James Crapo

Stanley Hainsworth

Emily and J.P. Hanson

David and Linda Nearon

Sorenson Legacy Foundation

Joel and Colleen Wiest




Richard and Claudia Bushman

John C. and Rebecca P. Edwards

Brad and Melody Pelo 

Tom and Maureen Sederberg

Theora Shelley

Hillary and JB Taylor

Jennifer Wilcox




Tom and Holly Holst

June Lauper



Dileide R. Gaisford - “In memory of my eternal companion, Walt B. Gaisford—the most talented individual I have ever met! Loved and admired by all who associated with him, Walt played many instruments and was a professional music producer for most of his life.”

Julie and Colin Cropper

Peter and Deanna Pilling 

David and Rachel Weidman




Cris and Janae Baird

Connie Chard

Leslie Edwards

Chester and Heidi Elton

Scott Higginson

Marilee Jacobson Moe and Jon Moe

David Brent and Enid Magnuson Smith

Josh and Susy Yamada




Amy Bentley

Doug and Gail Berkey

Preston and Rachel Blair

Serge and Patricia Bushman

Cindy Butikofer

Kent Christensen

Josh and Naomi Davis

Kathie and Pat Debenham

Angie and Mike Denison

Lisa Gerlach Draper

Michele and David Erekson

Tom Hurtado and Laura Allred Hurtado

Jacqui and Lance Larsen

Katie and Adam Lindsay

Andrew and Liz Maxfield

Glen and Marcia Nelson

New Vision Art

Kem and Pat Nixon

Michael and Kate Pickett

Walter and Linda Rane

Antonio Rico

Jana Riess and Phil Smith




Stephen and Dori Anderson

Bryan Doxford and Emily Larsen Doxford

Eli and Julie Eyre

Anne Sheedy Gardner

Megan Knobloch Geilman

Terryl and Fiona Givens

Eric W. Jepson

Heidi Johnsen

Michelle and Steve Kesler

Brent Meacham

Adam S. Miller

Matthew Olson

The Poon Family

Noah and Allison Riley

Casey Jex Smith

Mikayla Orton Thatcher and Nathan Thatcher

Laurel Thatcher Ulrich and Gael Ulrich

Chase Westfall