Center for Latter-day Saint Arts

2019 Arts Festival Events

Ab Imo Pectore

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Accessed by cell phone, ongoing

Hannah Pardoe’s project ‘Ab Imo Pectore,’ (translated as ‘from the bottom of my heart’) uses sound - recorded, found and generated - to create places where the past and present can exist together. Anyone with a phone can access these soundscapes during the festival. Dial in. The system also allows for a recording capability, so that participants can offer a layer of their surroundings to be archived.

NYC artist Hanna Pardoe graduated from BYU with a BFA in Studio Arts. Her recent sound project, Anodynos Coast, was released in 2016 by the cassette label G-Y-M. In 2017, she participated in Zone of Avoidance, a show curated by Blake Lewis and Mitchell Barton, that balanced sound and visual art in a gallery setting.