Center for Latter-day Saint Arts

2019 Arts Festival Events

Heart of Africa (Film Screening)


Saturday, June 29, 3:30 PM (Teatro)

Tshoper Kabambi and Margaret Blair Young bring us this feature film, set in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The movie is based on the experiences of two Latter-day Saint missionaries – one African and one American - who serve together in the country.

Tshoper Kabambi, the Latter-day Saint director, co-producer, and co-screenwriter of Heart of Africa, is arguably the most important pioneer of film in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He initiated a filmmaking program in a place which had lost all of its cinemas and film training under Mobutu’s regime. Not only has he made award-winning films (several “Best Picture” awards in film festivals), but he has trained many other Congolese, whose films have also won prizes.

Tshoper and his team, Bimpa Productions, have just completed their fourth film festival in Kinshasa—which was monumentally successful. Beyond screening films, the festival also trains future filmmakers. Mr. Kabambi also visits orphanages with his team to inspire children who are facing abject poverty.