Center for Latter-day Saint Arts

2019 Arts Festival Events

The Book of Jer3miah: 10th Anniversary

Saturday, June 29, 9:30 AM (Library)

In 2008, filmmakers Jeff Parkin and Jared Cardon embarked on an ambitious, shoestring-budget class project with twenty of their students. What resulted was an immersive, interactive digital story that inspired a loyal fan base across the nation. Parkin and Cardon share their experiences.

The Book of Jer3miah was a groundbreaking, interactive, 20-episode web project that inspired an intensely loyal fan base. The project was praised by The New York Times as a “tight, suspenseful little series [that] may just have what it takes to get web audiences to utter the words ‘Mormon conspiracy thriller’ without a touch of irony” and was an honoree for Best Drama at the Webby Awards.

Parkin and Cardon have been creating award-winning content together for over a decade. Recently, they co-created two immersive digital experiences funded by the National Science Foundation (in partnership with NASA and the Smithsonian), and were selected as Finalists for the Sundance Episodic Story Labs for their scripted drama aLa Linea , which explores the intersection of cartel violence and LDS life in the contemporary Mexican colonies. They are currently developing a movie musical for BYUtv.