Center for Latter-day Saint Arts

2019 Arts Festival Events

Women in Art

Mother of All Living, oil on canvas, Michelle Franzoni Thorley

Saturday, June 29, 2 PM (Teatro)

Margaret Olsen Hemming, Rose Gochnour Serago, and Michelle Franzoni Thorley discuss Latter-day Saint women and art regarding feminine imagery and narrative; social media’s effects on women artists in the Church; and Latter-day Saint women artists of color.


Margaret Olsen Hemming is the editor-in-chief of Exponent II, a feminist magazine and blog that features fine art, writing, and poetry of Latter-day Saint women.

Rose Gochnour Serago currently works for the Utah Office of Tourism and is the has an academic background in English Literature and Religious Studies.

Michelle Franzoni Thorley is a Mexican-American artist who explores race, religion, family history, and more through her work. See her portfolio here.