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Mar. 23

Joel H. Johnson, writer of High on the Mountain Top and 360 other hymns, published as Hymns of Praise for the Young Selected from the Songs of Joel, (Deseret News, 1882), was born on this day (1802). His collection of hymns, Hymns of Praise, begins with these words: O, Father, give me pow’r to write, When unto thee I look, A thousand songs I would indite, And pen them in a book. Then I, a thousand tongues would need, To sing with one accord, Those sacred songs, with love indeed, In praise to Christ, the Lord. I would not then be satisfied, I’d want ten thousand more, To spread his glory, far and wide, His praise from shore to shore. When here on earth my praise is shown, I then would soar above, In all the worlds to us unknown Would sing a Savior’s love. And when his love I had proclaimed, In all that now have place, Would sing to all that will be framed, Through all the rounds of space. [footnote: Joel H. Johnson, Hymns of Praise, 1882, Salt Lake City, Utah: Deseret Book Co., Hymn 1., p. 7.]

Glen Nelson