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June 3

David O. McKay offered the dedicatory prayer of the Springville Art Gallery (later Springville Museum of Art), the first museum in Utah on this day (1937). He honored the artists whose work made it possible, "“Let us bow our heads and dedicate this institute for the high and worthy purpose for which it was built.” During his dedicatory prayer, Elder McKay characterized the building and institution as "a sanctuary of beauty, a temple of contemplation." Then in his remarks he praised the idealistic and enterprising spirit of the residents of Springville in fostering such a project. Referring to the founders of the Museum, Elder McKay said, “When a man gives his life for art, he gives it for the Savior, John Hafen gave something to the world that will never die.” He spoke eloquently and forcefully: “No other little community in America stands out as distinguished for its patronage of art, [Springville] is the most distinguished community in this land in the world of art...and all the world will benefit from it.” "Springville Museum of Art, History and Collection" by Vern G. Swanson

Glen Nelson