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July 24

On the centennial of the Saints entering the Salt Lake valley (on this day, 1947), Mahonri Young's magestic This Is the Place Monument at the mouth of Emigration Canyon was dedicated. Sculptor Mahonri Macintosh Young, last grandson of Brigham, was given only one minute to speak at the event. He said, "My friends, this is the 100th Anniversary of the day when the Pioneers arrived in this Valley. I shall be seventy years old on the 9th day of August, next. This is the greatest day of my life. I want to thank all the people who have been so faithful in carrying out that work. It has been a tremendous job. There have been delays; there have been difficulties, but the monument is essentially done. I thank you." A Song of Joys: The Biography of Mahonri Mackintosh Young, sculptor, painter, etcher, by Norma S. David (Brigham Young University Museum of Art), p. 256

Glen Nelson