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Immediate Present

Immediate Present

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By Laura Allred Hurtado

Softcover: 132 pages, published by the Mormon Arts Center on the occasion of the exhibition, Immediate Present, at the Mormon Arts Center Festival held at Riverside Church, New York, New York in June 2017.

Immediate Present examines the Mormon art of today, by bringing together a range of works—from explicitly religious paintings to the varied artistic practices of those who self-identify as Mormon, to works that shed light on Mormon themes.

This publication is a sampling of works created in the last three years by twenty-three artists: Pam Bowman, Whitney Bushman, Stephanie Kelly Clark, Jorge Cocco Santangelo, Caitlin Connolly, Jeff Decker, Daniel Everett, Rachel Farmer, Jeff Hein, Ben Howell, Levi Jackson, Brian Kershisnik, David Chapman Lindsay, Jason Metcalf, Annie Poon, Walter Rane, J. Kirk Richards, Jean Richardson, Ron Richmond, Mary Sauer, Casey Jex Smith, Page Turner, and Chase Westfall.

The publication includes the pairing of commissioned texts with the paintings. Like the artists themselves, the individuals whose words are featured in this book have distinct backgrounds—a lawyer, a doctor, a game warden, a poet, a children’s book author, a composer, a musician, and a women’s rights advocate—just to name a few. The twenty-three writers are: Claire Åkebrand, English Brooks, Joanna Brooks, Sam Brown, Claudia Bushman, Alex Caldiero, Tyler Chadwick, Steve Evans, Fiona Givens, James Goldberg, Ryan Habermeyer, Julie de Azevedo Hanks, Ashley Mae Hoiland, Garrick Infanger, McArthur Krishna, Igor Coelho Arantes Santana Marques, Neylan McBaine, Carol Lynn Pearson, Jennifer Reeder, Analisa Coats Sato, Rachel Hunt Steenblik, Paul Washburn, and Chrysula Winegar.

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