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College and University Courses on Latter-day Saint Arts

Would you like to teach a course on Latter-day Saint arts in a college or university?  Do you need assistance with readings or approach?  We would like to help.

The Center is assembling examples of syllabi as an aid to teachers who are contemplating a course on Latter-day Saint art.

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Contemporary Religious and LDS Poetry

To provide an historical overview of postmodern and contemporary poetry.

To sharpen through discussion and writing your analytical and evaluative skills.

To provide a detailed reading of the work of eight contemporary religious poets (four of them LDS)

To make you better readers of both fixed form and free verse poetry by concentrating on poetic elements such as rhyme, rhythm, meter, syntax, diction, style, enjambment, irony, imagery, symbol, and persona.

To help you apply a variety of critical approaches and reading strategies (formalist, historical, sociological, biographical, psychological, archetypal, feminist, post-structuralist, etc.) to contemporary poetry.

To emphasize the ethical responsibilities of reading.

To have a walloping good time.

“To untie [ourselves], to do penance and disappear / Through the upper right-hand corner of things, to say grace.” (Charles Wright).

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