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Our Checketts to London

A little while ago, we received an email from David Checketts, one of our executive board members. He announced that he and Deborah would be entering the Missionary Training Center in June. Dave would be serving as the President of the England London Mission. The Church officially announced the new presidents on February 1, 2018.

My immediate response was selfish, “There goes one of the Mormon Arts Center’s greatest supporters, strategists, and visionaries.”  But that insecurity only lasted a couple of seconds. Immediately another, a more powerful response followed, “Those lucky, lucky London missionaries!” Deb and Dave bring with them such extraordinary skills, boundless love, and selfless dedication. I wrote to them and shared my joy on their assignment, which will be for three years.

This weekend, my son is filling out his mission papers. I know that he’ll be happy serving anywhere in the world, but I can’t help myself thinking that I hope he has the chance to work with the dynamite team of Dave and Deb across the pond.

As for the Mormon Arts Center, the Checketts are irreplaceable, but I can’t wait to show them how we have grown by the time they return in 2021.

God speed.

Glen Nelson