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Sing With Us

Mormons a generation or two ago knew the music of Evan Stephens like the back of their hand. It was everywhere. Nearly two-thirds of the hymns in the early 20th century hymnal were composed by him. Conductor of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, prolific composer of hymns, anthems, oratorios, and operettas, and a master choral teacher: Stephens was easily one of the most influential men of his era in the Church.

How did this son of a Welsh coal miner, with almost no musical training become such a force? 

The final event of the Mormon Arts Center Festival will be a sing-in featuring scholar Jeffery Johnson who will illuminate the life of Stephens while conductor John Tarbet and accompanist David Fletcher lead the audience/choir through some of his most famous music--with some rarities and curiosities thrown in for good measure. With soloists, brass quintet, chamber choir, join us for a rousing and tuneful finale to the Festival.

Glen Nelson