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Board members and participants capture behind-the-scenes activities of the Center for Latter-day Saint Arts in frequent posts.

The Pubs

Claudia Bushman is fond of telling us all about the value of publication. This makes perfect sense, given that she's written a mountain of books herself, but she was speaking more directly to the need to document history as it's happening.

One of the Mormon Arts Center's priorities is publishing: old school, hold in your hand, turn-a-page books. Anybody who's ever written a book and seen it in print understands the thrill of it, but few can imagine what goes into making an object like that.

Yesterday, we had Kah Leong Poon, an extraordinary photographer whose commercial work appears all over the place, here to photograph the paintings and drawings that will become an art exhibition catalog at the Festival. What a pro he is! Armed with umbrella lighting equipment, a gorgeous digital camera, a laptop, and his own assistant (wife Annie Poon), he turned large paintings into perfectly lit photographs over hours of intense--what's the word?--focus.

That's the thing about a publication: one person's name might be on the cover, but it takes a village.

Glen Nelson