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Board members and participants capture behind-the-scenes activities of the Center for Latter-day Saint Arts in frequent posts.

Getting the Word Out

It's been fun to finally show people a detailed listing of what's up for the Festival. Over the last week, we've placed posters and a couple of thousand takeaway cards with many people in local church congregations near New York City. 

I like to watch their reactions to the cards. They invariably turn to the listing of events and are taken aback at the breadth of it all. 

Big thanks go to our graphic designer Connor King. He had to figure out a way to get a ton of information onto a itty-bitty, 7 x 5" folded card. I worried that we'd have to send a magnifying glass with every one, but somehow he managed to make legible about two dozen events and their descriptions. 

The second reaction I witness is a curiosity about what event they absolutely have to attend. Is "all of them" such a bad answer?

Glen Nelson