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Press Release: The Center for Latter-day Saint Arts Announces 2019 Grants, Awards and Commissions

NEW YORK, New York – January 17, 2019 – The Center for Latter-day Saint Arts, formerly known as the Mormon Arts Center, announced it will give 20 grants, awards and commissions to 40 different artists in 2019. 

The funding will support a wide range of the arts including works in film, literature, music, theater, dancer and visual arts. Three grants will be given to scholars focused on the study of art.

“We are giving more in funding to individuals this year than we’ve ever been able to before,” said Richard Bushman, co-founder of the Mormon Arts Center. “These artists are creating incredible works of art that should be shared with the world. We hope these grants give them the leverage to do just that.”

The recipients of these 2019 grants hail from the United States, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Argentina, Puerto Rico and Japan. Many of the projects the Center is sponsoring will be featured at the 2019 Center for Latter-day Saint Arts festival taking place June 28thand 29thin New York City. 

To see a full list of grantees and sponsored projects, see here.

About the Center for Latter-day Saint Arts

The Center for Latter-day Saint Arts is an independently-funded organization that celebrates and studies Latter-day Saint arts. The Center seeks to organize, produce and promote events such as festivals, workshops, performances, symposia and exhibitions with the goal of fostering in-depth and inclusive understanding of artistic creativity in the Church—its past, present and future.

The Center for Latter-day Saint Arts has a three-fold mission: to display and perform Latter-day Saint arts in New York City and elsewhere; to publish scholarship and criticism about Latter-day Saint arts to reach a wider public; and to establish a comprehensive archive of Church arts, from 1830 to the present.

Glen Nelson