Center for Latter-day Saint Arts


Board members and participants capture behind-the-scenes activities of the Center for Latter-day Saint Arts in frequent posts.

2019 Grants, Awards and Commissions

The Center for Latter-day Saint Arts is pleased to announce 20 grants, awards, and commissions to 40 artists for 2019:



Tshoper Kabambi (Democratic Republic of Congo) and Margaret Blair Young (USA)

Heart of Africa


Jeff Parkin (USA) & Jared Cardon (USA)

The Book of Jer3miah—10thAnniversary Screening and Discussion




Ingrid Asplund (USA)

Alice Merrill Horne and the Art Matronage of the Frontier


Brontë Hebdon (USA)

Abstract Devotional Art


Julian Mansilla (Argentina)

Tangos de otro Puerto




Emily Larsen Doxford (USA)

Center Book Club


James Goldberg (USA), Nicole Goldberg (USA), Arisael Rivera (Puerto Rico)

Thorns & Thistles


Veda Hale (USA), Andrew Hall (Japan), and Lynne Larson (USA)

Maurine Whipple: The Lost Works


Ardis Parshall (USA) and James Goldberg (USA)

A Mormon History Mosaic in History, Poetry, and Printmaking




Allyson Chard (USA), Emily Doxford (USA), Alyssa Gustafsson (USA), Aly Keller (USA), Brent Meacham (USA), Marilee Moe (USA), and Deanna Pilling (USA)

Best of Night


David Fletcher (USA)

The Music of David Fletcher


Steven Ricks (USA)

Untitled multimedia work




Davey Erekson and Jamie Erekson

A Night Song: A Play with Music in One Act




Marin Leggat Roper (USA), Pat Debenham (USA), Kathie Debenham (USA), Kevin Giddins (USA), and Lita Giddins (USA)

Engaging with Dance: To See, to Feel, to Know(2019); Vision(2020)




Emily Erekson (USA)

Out of the Rolling Ocean


Megan Geilman (USA), Page Turner (USA), and Samantha Zauscher (USA)

Untitled video projection/installation


Daniel George (USA)

God to Go West


Karalee Kuchar (USA)

A Long Mournful Cry


Hannah Pardoe (USA)

Untitled sound project


Annie Poon (USA)

The Castle


Glen Nelson