Center for Latter-day Saint Arts


Board members and participants capture behind-the-scenes activities of the Center for Latter-day Saint Arts in frequent posts.

One Great Whole

We were at an Advisory Board meeting for the Center in January, and J. Kirk Richards had an idea: what if we did something at the Festival that allowed multiple artists to make something together?

At the 2017 Festival, we exhibited Kirk's multi-panel work, Cristo (2014), that brought together 161 paintings of different sizes together. These had been created by Kirk working with people in his community who were invited to show how they imagined Jesus Christ to appear; then Kirk reworked the images to unite them stylistically.

One of the features of the 2018 Festival will be One Great Whole: A Collaborative Drawing Project. This will be composed to two groups of artists. One led by Kirk and the other by Maddison Colvin, an artist from the Pacific Northwest. 

Glen Nelson